Facility Support Information

Tenants are in a prime position to create a culture of sustainability. Here are some ways to get involved.

Save Resources in the Office

There are plenty of simple (and painless) ways to cut waste and energy use in offices.

  • The engineering staff has an average of 20 years experience each.
  • The engineering staff conducts preventative maintenance for the facility to ensure tenant satisfaction and to keep operating costs at a minimum.
  • We have an in-house indoor air quality technician who routinely tests each facility to ensure a healthy environment.
  • The engineering staff responds to tenant temperature request within 30 minutes with a team of qualified engineers to resolve any and all problems quickly and efficiently.
  • The engineering staff responds to and corrects any plumbing problems that may arise in a timely fashion.
  • The light bulbs are constantly being evaluated and replaced as needed. The light bulbs are recycled, which helps our environment.
  • The electrical system is being maintained by using an infrared system, which ensures a reliable system.
  • The engineering staff continuously attends ongoing safety and technical training education.
  • We conduct tenant surveys and strive for complete tenant satisfaction.
  • Leasing retention is above 90%.
  • For maintenance or engineering services please call: 918.481.7988

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